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Burkhard Maiss (Violin & Viola)
Ji-Yeoun You (Piano)



(10 of 10 points top recommendation of the month)
What is played here comes from all of the soul, follows the
finest emotions of the soul brightly awake and opens unconditionally to all emotional storming… With all their
attenion to detail finesse and rushing virtuosity, this duo
knows how to maintain equal symbiosis at every moment.“


They seem to share an instinctive awareness of each other’s expressive and dynamic attention to the score, and automatically adjust their own approach to match the other’s, without falling into follow the leader roles.“


This is an inspired way of making music, and that is what it is

all about in the end.“


Hats off to Burkhard Maiss who appears to master both instru-ments and offers us very warm and captivating sounds. The pia-nist performs in a delicate and elegant way. She really skillfully makes us hear the different voices in her score, with a wide range of sounds… A CD full of charm, to listen to without restriction!“


With a beautiful, sumptuous tone and a refined musicality,

Maiss recites both works, and he is accompanied by pianist

Ji-Yeoun You in well-proportioned interpretations.“


The duo Burkhard Maiss on the violin and the viola and Ji-Yeoun You on the piano succeeded in rendering the best of the passionate and futile atmosphere of the Schumann sonata.“

Burkhard Maiss

is founding member of both the Jacques Thibaud Trio and the Jacques Thibaud Ensemble. The violinist and violist has been giving concerts around the world for more than twenty-five years. His recitals, CD productions and radio recordings received tremendous acclaim from the international critics. The New York Times described his sound as rich and warm, like full-bodied red wine. Burkhard Maiss plays a violin by Lorenzo Storioni.

Ji-Yeoun You

has internationally reached a fastidious audience by her solo and chamber music performances. In recognition of her contributions to culture she was awarded the Freedom of the City of Yeosu, her Korean hometown. The multi-laureate pianist is teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts as well as at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber, Dresden.

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